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I am retired from the kid herding business (school bus driver) now, so I can devote some time to this site. I hope to get caught up on some of the things I've neglected over the past 10 years or so and get back into the business of keeping up with our country.

Being retired is properly named, in my opinion: RE-TIRED. I have more to do than I can get done in a normal day and my normal day is about twice a normal person's day. I have everything stacked up in piles except the winter's supply of wood.

To get you caught up on some of the happenings in my life, let's start with my most recent career. When we moved back up here to central Washington State, I couldn't find work in the computer industry. Everybody assumed that, with my background and experience, I'd work for them for a short while and then move on to a better job. So, when the school district advertised for drivers, my son called me and told me about it. My daughter called me and told me about it. My wife called me and told me about it. Two of my granddaughters called me and told me about it. Alright, already! I thought I would work as a substitute school bus driver for a school year and then find a job in computers or electronics. Ten years later, I retired from driving school bus. One of the best career moves I've made.

Those of you who have followed along with me over the years know that I closed my company back in the days when we were fighting the "It's a Crime, Bill." I started publishing and rabble rousing to get the bill defeated. When that was over, I found I couldn't get my company started back up again. I was burned out. We tried creating a garden farm up in Anza, California, but that didn't work for several reasons. We then moved back up here to Moses Lake and here we are.

I intend to get back into building powder horns. I have several orders that are getting quite stale. I'm getting back into the photography game and have a start on that. You can see my work at I hope to do more shooting, both pistol and rifle. I want to do some clay shooting, with my new (1926) Winchester Model 12 in 16 gauge and my Wards/Browning Patent pump in 16 gauge. Both require short shells, so I am reloading 2 1/2" brass hulls for now. The Wards/Browning has the full 2 3/4" chamber, but the ejection port is cut too short for now-a-days plastic shells.

TRIPOD was playing games with my site, putting all sorts of trash on the screen. So, looking for a way to fix that without paying an annual fee equal to my left...ummmm...arm, I moved this over to my daughter's site.

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