The Second Year



...Mr. Bucket...

My balls pop outta my mouth....

Zoom Zoom

it seemed like a good idea at the time

You're doin' it wrong

How can you resist this face??

but mommy!! I don't need a bath now.

Look what crawled up from the basement. Can we keep it??

I'm so happy, I could just...

Why do they keep putting me in boxes and buckets??

What did she put in these cookies?

I am irresistable

I DARE you to try taking this from me!

Its good to be King

please mommy, i need love

mommy is going to regret giving me my daily dose of fiber

Seeee ya!!

Come on Dad, just give me the dang keys already!

she did WHAT!!!!!!!


LET ME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

I glow in the dark too

The fine art of gleeking

Hi Ho Silver, and Away!!!

I know it's in here somewhere

Nutritious and Delicious

Left foot, Right Foot, Feet Feet Feet

So flustrating!

When I get a little bit bigger, I am gonna kick your butt!!

Ooooh, daddy never lets me watch THIS channel

so where does the key go?

Uh...Mommy?? I think its dead

The great escape

Wouldn't you love to kiss this face?