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I am invisible!

Die froggy, DIE!

What the hell??!


Daddy always said he wanted a black boy

Blankie...Yum, my favorite bedtime snack!

Talk to the foot!

oh yeeah oh yeeah, i da man, oh yeeah oh yeeah

Mr BusDriver, would you please open the door?

Who said anything about Harley!!!???


I'm not scared, are you scared?

I still got it!

How many fingers am I holding up?

See!!?? I told You I could fly!

Whatch doin?

Can I help?

I swear, if she feeds me that crap again, I'm gonna hurl!

Product of good genes

Heisman winner

Oh My God!! I can FLY!!!

Auntie Ornery and Me


I demand the sum of one million boobies

Something happened in my pants.

My goal is to be as intelligent and good looking as my uncle

Dang!!!Grandpa, would it kill ya to use a bit of deo?!?

Where's that wascly wabbit?!?

Sooooooooo many boobies, what's a man to do??

admit it, you're jealous...I have all these women wrapped around my lil finger and you don't

Great-great Grandma Bauer and me

Great Grandpa McClenny and me

I'm such a big boy!

How does this thing work?


Swimming with Auntie Riah

Still swimming with Auntie Riah

Pay no attention to that kid over there, look at ME!!

Having a brew with Uncle Cuz

I'm just tooo sexy

Soon I will be able to lick my forehead

Being nakie is nice

Great Grandma McClenny & Me

Such a hard life

Bitter beer

Milk wagon, milk wagon, milk wagon....

Is he big enough to keep, or do we throw him back?

I am going to be just like Daddy when I grow up!

Hey pretty Lady, can I go home with you?

Watch the hands lady!

Napping with Auntie M

Great Grandma Sharp & Melanie

Auntie Riah & me

Grandma Gilliam & me

Daddy & me

Kiss me

She snores loud

Amree & my daddy

Grandma Cannon & me

2 hours old